[e시] 건망증 - 냉장고 문을 열자 무얼 꺼내려 했는지 기억나지 않다니

2022. 5. 15. 07:33짭짤한 문학/자유시 :: Free Poem





냉장고 문을 열었다

무얼 꺼 낼지 잊었다


문 열며 했던 딴 생각이 

찬 물이 됐든 먹다 남은 피자가 됐든

그 무엇이 저장 된 변수 X 에 끼여들어

그 무얼 삭제하고


딴 생각이 변수 X 를 차지해 버렸다

아무리 검색해도 나오지 않는 

그 무엇


전기세 아까워

냉장고 문을 닫아 버린다




2016. 4. 6






When I opened the door of a refrigerator,

I was not able to remember what to pick out.


I just zoning out while I was opening the door.

Would it be either a cold water bottle or a leftover of pizza piece?

Something new quickly invaded my logical brain circuit,

Imbedding to a variable X that was already stored and

Omitting my own decision.


The unintentionally distracting thought replaced the variable X, so

My search engine was not able to find any answer.

Something blurred…



Slammed the freezer door,

As if all matters could result from the freezer, and

The electric power I used could cost too much.


It is true that it was not due to my age.