[e시] 카톡 부부 - 우리가 만난건 첨단 기술 덕분

2023. 4. 13. 18:19짭짤한 문학/자유시 :: Free Poem


카톡 부부


태평양을 사이에 두고
서쪽은 아내
동쪽은 남편

애초에 만나기를
인터넷 그물에 걸린 아내
아니 그 그물에서 건져진 남편

블로그, 유튜브는 중매쟁이
카톡은 발 빠른 배달부

사십, 아니 거의 오십 평생
서로 만날 수 없는 거리
아니, 이 손 핸폰에 있었지

맞어, 우린 아주 가까이 있었는데
서로 클릭이 어긋났을 뿐

아내가 그 양반 검색하다
내 블로그를 클릭 할줄이야

그 양반 언제 만나면
술 한잔 사야겠어

2023. 4. 12


KakaoTalk Couple


With the Pacific in between,
The west is where the wife is,
And the east is where the husband resides.

Originally, we were meant to meet,
The wife caught in the internet web,
No, the husband rescued from that web.

Blogs, YouTube are the matchmakers,
Kakao is the swift deliveryman.

For forty, no nearly fifty years,
We couldn't meet due to the distance,
No, we were right here on these mobile phones.

That's right, we were very close,
But our clicks missed each other.

A bachelor living alone

My wife searched for him in internet world,
And clicked on my blog accidently.

When we meet him someday,
We should have a drink together.

(Translation by ChatGPT & trimmed by Salty Poet)